Trees on Victoria Avenue

The trees on Victoria Avenue can be divided into two major groups: those on the parkways and in the Gardens, and those in the center of the median. In addition, there are two rows of approximately 1300 Mexican fan palms (Washingtonia robusta) that line both sides of the medians from Myrtle to Boundary.

Median Trees

The concept of the median trees has not been altered from its original design by Franz Hosp. These trees in the medians of Victoria Avenue are species of small, deciduous, flowering trees or large shrubs. Each ¼ mile block has 1-3 designated tree species planted on it. Victoria Avenue Forever has taken primary responsibility for planting the median trees as memorial or commemorative trees that are funded by donors.

The current species are:


Scientific Name Common name Flower color Location
Albizia julibrissin Silk Tree pink Irving to Jackson
Aesculus ‘Briotti’ carnea Horsechestnut pink Jane to Mary
Bauhinia X blakeana
Hong Kong Orchid Tree pink Jane to Mary, John to McAllister
Brachychiton acerifolia Australian Flame Tree red Boundary to Cross
Brugmansia candida Angel’s Trumpet white Van Buren to Myers
Callistemon viminalis Weeping Bottlebrush red Millsweet to La Sierra
Cassia leptophylla Gold Medallion Tree yellow Adams to Gratton
Caesalpinia spinosa Poinciana yellow St Lawrence to Adams
Catalpa spp. Catalpa pink Steward to Boundary
Cercis occidentalis/ canadensis ‘Oklahoma’ Western Redbud purplish pink Central to Arlington, Jackson to Gibson
Chionanthus retusus Chinese Fringe Tree white Gratton to Monroe
X Chitalpa tashkentensis Chitalpa pink Hill to Madison
Ceiba ‘elegance’ (formally Chorisia ‘elegance’) Floss Silk Tree pink Groveland to Millsweet
Ceiba speciosa (formally formally Chorisia speciosa) Floss Silk Tree white Gibson to Van Buren
Erythrina coralloides Naked Coral Tree red-orange Madison to Jefferson
Handroanthus impetiginosus (formally Tabebuia avellandae) Pink Trumpet Tree pink McAllister to Tyler
Hymenosporum flavum Sweetshade yellow Washington to Hill
Koelreiuteria paniculata Goldenrain Tree yellow Cross to Groveland
Lagerstroemia indica Crape Myrtle pink, red, white Lincoln to Anna,Horace to Jane, Madison to Jefferson, Monroe to Irving, Myers to John
Magnolia x soulangiana Saucer Magnolia pink Rumsey to Central, Gibson to Van Buren
Malus floribunda Flowering Crabapples pink John to McAllister
Prunus persica Flowering Peach pink, red, white Madison to Grace, Adams to Gratten, Irving to Jackson
Prunus persica/ nucipersica ‘Alma Stutz’ Flowering Nectarine pink Grace to Jefferson
Pyracantha spp. Pyracantha white Jane to Mary, Hill to Madison
Pyrus calleryana Flowering Pear white Jane to Washington
Sophora secundiflora Texas Mountain Laurel lavender-blue Millsweet to La Sierra
Spirea nipponica Bridal Wreath Spirea white Van Buren to Myers
Vitex agnus-castus Chaste Tree blue Lincoln to Horace, Jefferson to Adams


Parkway Trees

The Victoria Avenue parkway trees are quite different from the median trees. They are larger, large-crowned, mostly evergreen and typically do not have showy flowers in the spring, with some exceptions. Like the median trees, each block is planted with one or two alternating species. These trees were planted by the property owners for frontage on the Avenue as a requirement upon purchase. Many of these trees are now Citrus sinensis (Navel Orange) trees that have been planted by the City of Riverside and maintained by Gless Ranch.

The more abundant species on the parkways include:


*These species are conifers, whereas the other species are all flowering plants.


Palm Trees

Palm trees are planted both in the median and on the parkways.

There are two rows of approximately 1300 Mexican Fan Palms (Washingtonia robusta) that line both sides of the medians from Myrtle to Boundary and date from the early 1900s. These rows of columnar palms provide one of the most iconic images of Victoria Avenue. As the story goes, a grower (C.E. Rumsey) raised these palms from seed on his property, provided these them to Hosp and had his field employees (Milford Thomas and Charlie Yamaguchi) plant them.

In addition, the remaining palm species planted on the parkways are:

Brahea edulis – Guadalupe Palm

Phoenix canariensisCanary Island Palm

Washingtonia filifera – California Fan Palm


Eucalypus Trees

Giant Eucalyptus Trees are among the most massive trees on the parkways. There were originally 300 Eucalyptus trees that included 14 species. Through the years, many of the agricultural lots have been converted to residential, or to drip irrigation to save water. With inadequate water supply, many of these giants have died since 1990 and they are still dying. Efforts between Victoria Avenue Forever and the City of Riverside are underway to help save the remaining Eucalyptus trees on Victoria Avenue.

The most common species of Eucalyptus on the parkways are:

Corymbia citriodora – Lemon scented Gum
C. ficifolia – Red Flowering Gum
Eucalyptus cladocalyx – Sugar Gum
E. camaldulensis – Red Gum
E. globulus – Blue Gum
E. leucoxylon – White Iron Bark
E. nicholii – Willow-Leafed Gum
E. polyanthemos – Silver Dollar Gum
E. rudis – Flooded Gum
E. sideroxylon – Red Ironbark
E. tereticornis – Forest Red Gum
E. viminalis – Manna Gum


Trees in the Gardens

Each of the corner “pocket parks” contains trees, shrubs and ground covers. Some of these tree species are unique (*) to Victoria Avenue as they are not present in the medians or parkways elsewhere.

Dammers Butterfly Garden (Mary St)

Ceiba speciosa – Floss Silk Tree

Citrus sinensis – Navel Orange


Dr. Lewis Garden (Jane St)

Agonis flexuosa – Peppermint Tree, Australian Willow Myrtle

*Banksia intergrifolia – Coast Banksia

Ceiba speciosa – Floss Silk Tree

X Chitalpa tashkentensis – Chitalpa

*Ginkgo biloba – Maidenhair Tree

*Hydroanthus chrysotrichus – Yellow Trumpet Tree

Lagerstroemia indica – Crape Myrtle

*Parkinsonia aculeate – Mexican Palo Verde

*Tipuana tipu – Tipu Tree


Hal Snyder Garden (Harrison St)

*Cotinus coggygria – Smoke Tree ‘Notcutt’s Variety’

*Hibiscus syriacus – Rose of Sharon ‘albus’ single trunk

Lagerstroemia indica – Crape Myrtle (white flowers)

*Platanus x acerfolia – Plane Tree

*Podocarpus macrophyllus ‘Maki’– Yew Pine

Prunus sp. – Flowering Cherry



A major source of information on the trees of Victoria Avenue can be found in “A Tree Inventory of Victoria Avenue, Riverside, California” dated November 1992. It was compiled by Victoria Avenue Forever with assistance by Andrew Sanders, Curator of the UCR Herbarium.