The Hal Snyder Garden is on the corner of Harrison and Victoria Avenue. It was funded by donations to Victoria Avenue Forever and planted by volunteers in the fall of 2010. The landscape plan of this ‘elegant water-wise’ garden was developed by James Montgomery with plant suggestions from Hal Snyder. The garden was dedicated to Hal Snyder in a public event that took place on November 6, 2010.

Pictures of Hal Snyder Garden

Water Requirements – WUCOLS


VL – Very Low

L – Low

M – Moderate

U – Unknown

List of Plants in the Hal Snyder Garden and their Water Requirements:

Cotinus coggygria – Smoke Tree ‘Notcutt’s Variety’ L

Hibiscus syriacus – Rose of Sharon ‘albus’ single trunk L/M

Lagerstroemia indica – Crape Myrtle (white flowers) L/M

Melaleuca (formerly Callistemon) viminalis – Weeping Bottlebrush (in parkway) L/M

Platanus x acerfolia – Plane Tree, California Sycamore U

Podocarpus macrophyllus ‘Maki’– Yew Pine M


Lavadula stoechas – Spanish Lavender L/M

Melaleuca (formerly Callisstemon) viminalis Little John’ – Weeping Bottlebrush Little John L-M

Myrtus communis ‘variegata’ – Variegated Myrtle L/M

Nandina domestica ‘Harbor Dwarf’ – Sacred Bamboo M

Osmanthus fragrans – Sweet Olive M

Salvia chamaedryoides – Germander Sage L

Salvia leucantha – Mexican Sage L

Senna artemisoides – Feathery Cassia U

Senna phyllodinea – Silver Leaf Cassia U

Ground Covers

Calylophus hartwegii – Sundrops L

Ceratostigma plumbaginoides  – Dwarf Plumbago M

Lantana montevidensis – Lantana ‘Lemon Swirl’ L

Limonium perezii – Statice M

Updated 202106