Signed City Agreement with VAF

Tags: agreement, responsibilities
Summary: Contains discussion of the various responsibilities accepted by both the City of Riverside and Victoria Avenue Forever re how Victoria Avenue will be maintained. This document by default renews each June.

Newsletter 201802 Vol 26 No 1

Tags: hal snyder biography, crocker, hartree grove, razoo,arbor week

Newsletter 201805 Vol 26 No 2

Tags: charles dammers memorial plaques,butterfly garden, tree city, arbor day,regatta, bill kleese, planting

Newsletter 201808 Vol 26 No 3

Tags: charles, dammers, plaques, macarthur, soubirous,margie coon, water rates, agricultural, barbeque, lorraine small, hal snyder , joan hall, gail vanderlinde, great american clean-up, regatta, vandalism, triple digit temperatures, bill wilkman

Newsletter 201811 Vol 26 No 4

Tags: roundabout, traffic, medians, scenic, washington,cultural, heritage, safety, pedestrian, bicycle, social, justice

Newsletter 201902 Vol 27 No 1

Tags: Asian Citrus Psyllid, ACP, Huanglongbing, HLB, entomology, greening, roundabouts, Amazon smile, charity, Donald Edwin Munnecke, Dr. Lewis garden

Newsletter 201905 Vol 27 No 2

Tags: Matthew Gage, canal, middle school, roundabouts, Ragged Robin Roses, Franz Hosp, Cecile Brunner Rose, hosp, planting, Brian Sabel

Newsletter 201908 Vol 27 No 3

Tags: August Henry Reed, Bill Wilkman, citrus farming, PNOT, Parent Naval Orange Tree, Eucalyptus, Casa Blanca,
regatta, councilmen, Magnolia , Ontario Euclid Avenue, Landmark, ReLeaf, backflow

Newsletter 201911 Vol 27 No 4

Tags:John Henry Reed, Bill Wilkman, citrus farming, tree warden, Frederick, autumn sage,Salvia greggiiand, S. microphylla , northern Mexico, Chihuahua, 30th anniversary, Historic Street Signs, historic street signs, fruit decay, frost damage, smudge pots, Citrus Experiment Station, Protection Policy, agriculture water rates, love riverside

Newsletter 202001 Vol 28 No 1

Tags: protection policy, city council, 1993 policy, plaques, Lewis Garden, Marie Hempy, Tipu
weeping bottlebrush, melaluca viminalis, callistemon, hal snyder, lorraine small,
marie hempy , Charles Dammers, information kiosk, 2003 policy, 1992 Refurbishment and Maintenance program report,
Woodcrest Christian, chris mac arthur, citrus greening, butterfly

Annual Meeting May 27 2022

Tags: notice, annual , yearly, meeting, membership, certification, sign in, quorum
Summary: This document shows that VAF members were notified about the annual meeting (for 2022) and certifies this notification. It also includes the sign up sheet for all attendees, and the minutes from the meeting.

Plants in the Hal Snyder Garden 20210701

Tags: WUCOLS (water use classification of landscape species), Smoke, Rose of Sharon, Crape Myrtle, Weeping bottlebrush, Plane, Sycamore, Yew, Lavender, Little John, Myrtle, Sacred Bamboo, Sweet Olive, Germander Sage, Mexican sage, Cassia, Sundrops, Plumbago, Lantana, Statice
Summary: Has brief history of the garden, contains scientific and common names for all plants in the garden and the WUCOLS ratings of each plant. Note that this document is not identical to the same named page on our website. This is because the website page has a slide show of pictures, and these are not part of the document. Therefore whenever this document is updated, changes are made by hand to the webpage in html mimicing the document.

VAF document repository – how to use 20210710

Tags: VAF, documents, repository, procedures, purpose , maintenance
Summary: This document describes the rationale for the document registry and shows how it can be used. The main purpose of the repository is to maintain organizational memory of: Our procedures, legal and morally binding agreements, and how to maintain the the entities we have created.