VAF Gardening Instructions for Lewis Garden V 1.0

Tags: riverside, garden, lewis, pruning, maintenance,
Summary: This document was written in 2021 to provide procedures and care knowledge for the plants for the drought tolerant Lewis garden.

Riverside Historical Monument V 3.0

Tags: riverside, historical, status, washington, palm, grevillea
Summary: This document was first written in 1993 to help the city justify the historical monument status of Victoria Avenue. It includes information about the Washington Palm, the burial of telephone and electrical lines, and info about the historic roses.

VAF Security Camera Installation V 1.0

Tags: riverside, small, roses, security, installation, camera, garden
Summary: This document describes the technical hardware and software configuration of the security camera system that watches over the Lorraine Small Rose garden along Victoria Avenue. It includes the understanding reached with the homeowner (Mr.Jones) over the use of his wireless network to host our cameras. It also includes instruction about how to access the camera data, maintain the system, and other maintenance procedures.